About Gee


: Life began at 39 1/2, I made it begin 6 months ahead of 40 :

: I’m a big believer in I CAN, just trying to shift the little ‘n’ in CAn, to CAN : 

: I DREAM big, yet am strangely pragmatic. It takes hard work. Heaps of it :

: I was once a Marketing/PR fancy name for a financial services company. I even qualified as a homeopath. I teach English to kids and refugees, and do other freelance bits and bobs, when I’m not buried in film :

: My great-grandfathers were freedom fighters for an independent India, lead by that little man in specs, draped in a home-grown cotton sheet – it was Lal Singh Sahota who won the National Award for his efforts:

: Treating other’s the way you want to be treated has been a lifetime effort. That means I’ll be boring and try not to offend anyone on here :

: Family is my rock :

: I rescue ants, spiders and flies. They smell less than cats, dogs, chicken, pigs and cows. I don’t eat any of them :

: My Queen’s English is rather good, My west London twang annoys me. I do a great Scottish accent. I speak French not badly, Italian and Spanish badly :

: I lost my Dad to terminal heart disease. I’m relieved he’s relieved :