World Mental Health Day 2018

As published on Facebook on 10th Oct 2018

It’s World Mental Health Day as I remember my own struggle with my spiritual emergency/crisis in 2008, following the loss of my father, a relationship and all my freelance contracts within 100 days.

It’s World Mental Day as I recall my early childhood and 8 years of being mentally bullied for being the only brown girl in my class and losing my metaphorical voice.

It’s World Mental Health Day as I prepare to sit down for another day of editing my short, Lifeline, about male mental health and the need for struggling men to lose their bravado and open up.

It’s World Mental Health Day and I give love to some of my dearest friends and family members who have endured/are enduring & for SHARING/SURVIVING/ BREAKING THROUGH their own mental mayhem.

It’s World Mental Health Day and I share a loving thought for all those who have suffered, are suffering and hope they find their way through to the light.

It’s World Mental Health Day.
Be Brave
Be Open
Keep Talking

Peace and love always ✌️❤️


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