As published on Facebook, 17th March 2022

F I L M 🎬 F A I L U R E S 😞 F O S T E R I N G 🧒 & F L I G H T ✈️

When ‘film’ hasn’t quite found its leap up yet, what d’ya do? Apply to F O S T E R children.

Would you believe me if I said, over 10 years ago Audrey Hepburn, in her 60s, appeared in what felt like an out of body, seen in 3D movie, at my bedside holding my hand as I awoke from a nightmare?

She was surrounded by children, no older than 8, most likely from the East Horn of Africa. No words spoken, she was serene, a 1000 words felt in just a pulse of the need to continue protecting our children.

As a U N IC E F ambassador, she was deeply upset at what she saw happening to children world-wide, in famine & war. Completing my short films has been the silent nightmare, which I’m almost ready to wake up from and transform feelings of “failure” to “flight” momentum again.

B U T W A I T …

let’s regain some perspective and give prayers and peace to the real-life nightmare right now in U K R A I N E 🇺🇦

U N I C E F are currently rallying for donations to help children from the crisis @unicef. In the meantime, I’m almost ready to get back to storytelling.

S T O R I E S that must continue to be told. L I F E L I N E launch H U S H L I T T L E B A B Y relaunch and

M Y O W N S T O R Y … C O M I N G S O O N 🚀

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