About Gee


: Life begins at 40. I made it begin at 39 1/2 :

: My great-grandfathers were freedom fighters for an independent India, lead by that little man in specs, draped in a home-grown white cotton sheet :

: I DREAM big, yet am strangely pragmatic. It takes hard work. Heaps of it :

: Treating other’s the way you want to be treated has been a lifetime effort. That means I’ll be boring and try not to offend anyone on here :

: My west London twang annoys me. I do a great Scottish accent. I speak French not badly :

: I’m on my way to conquering my ogre-self : 

: Life swings between loneliness and contentment. I’d like to discover who is MR WHO? the luurve of my life :

: I lost my Dad to terminal heart disease. I’m relieved he’s relieved :

: I rescue ants, spiders and flies. They smell less than cats, dogs, chicken, pigs and cows. I don’t eat any of them :

: I was once a Marketing/PR fancy name for a financial services company. I never sold my soul. I even qualified as a homeopath :

: Occasionally I’m too serious. Occasionally I’m sucked in by crap TV. Occasionally I don’t know my left from my right :

: I try not to say the F word unless I’m in the company of people who say the F word :

: I love my piano as much as you love your pet :

: It’s hard singing and playing the piano at the same time. Sounds bloody awful too :

: My mum is my precious rock. My four nieces and nephew are my small precious rocks. My three brothers, who cut me no slack for being their only sister, are my semi-precious rocks :