Officially born – watch the trailer of Hush Little Baby!

As published on 10th March 20

I’m a swirling ball of joy & nerves & further joy as I can finally share “Hush Little Baby” trailer with you – all in line with echoing International Women’s Day and championing the female kind 💪🔥❤️

The full-length version is formally being screen tested, before it’s ready to fly to the film festival circuit (if you’ve kept up with my story, I conquered postproduction and all the technical VFX, yaasssssss!!) 😅🎉

For now, please help yourself to a snippet of 42 seconds to tease your curiosity.

To those who missed it earlier: Hush Little Baby is about Neelam’s emotional discovery of being pregnant and preparing a romantic meal for her husband, Ajay. But what should be an evening of love, romance and musing over the future of their unborn baby, takes a turn for the unexpected.

Lastly, have to say thank you to ALL the film team for your increeeedible patience and top contribution – bet you never thought you’d see it completed 😉 

And a super thank you to my brilliant support network who have given me the encouragement & confidence to see it through to the end.

You all know who you are 👏👏

Enjoy !!

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