International Women’s Day 2019

Tito and I, taken on New Year’s Day

I originally coaxed myself onto this public podium to be held accountable in case I bailed out from my dreams. Aside from fulfilling my 3 movie scripts, I wanted to meet a wholesome man I could share my life with.

As published on facebook on 11th March 2019

Back in July 2018, I met Tito who has the kindest heart, with whom I laugh every time we meet. He’s the ‘real life’ exclamation mark to help me flesh out the finale of my Brit-Indian script – A Woman’s Voice.

A glimpse of ‘girl meets boy’ that peppers the tail end of a tale, loosely carved from my last 10 years within which I’ve been coaxed by a smorgasbord of voices in my head to emerge empowered – through finding my own voice.

Year 0 saw me crash when I lost my dad, relationship and PR contracts to the recession within 100 days. The voices began & I felt a freak.

Year 5 saw me shed my past, willing me on to surmount my defeatist attitude and transform I can’t to I CAN.

The light voices – “believe in yourself, Gee. STAND TALL, Gee. You CAN do this, Gee,” gradually dwarfed the dark ones and my own voice began to unravel.

Year 10 saw me have several articles published about hearing voices and even direct my first short, Lifeline. I had surpassed my own expectations and stood inches above my 5ft 4” height.

1 week post directing Lifeline, a new chapter would begin when Tito unexpectedly appeared into my life.

6 months on we took this photo in Oxford, on New Year’s day, where we made a pact to coax one another to fulfil our dreams. Mine as a filmmaker, his as a musician & composer.

8 months on it’s International Women’s Day and I give a SHOUT OUT to Tito – you’re a rare find in a million – and ALL who are behind a woman to break the glass ceiling and reach her very best.

It may be International Women’s Day, but it’s not just about celebrating women for me, but everyone who gives support and elevates the female kind.

May we continue to strive to create an equal platform for women – until we stand shoulder to shoulder!

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